Resident Evil Ambassadors have been invited to test another new game

(Image credit: Capcom)

Resident Evil fans who have signed up for the Resident Evil Ambassador programme received an update from Capcom yesterday, touting a new ranking system and another opportunity to play a game before anyone else. 

The email, which was shared on Reddit by deimos-chan, doesn't go into much detail, but the programme's new ranking system will go from bronze to platinum, with higher tier members more likely to be picked for playtests. To increase your rank, you'll need to take part in Ambassador activities. Getting access to a demo used to be a lot easier. 

Ambassadors can apply to test an unannounced game, but it looks like we'll need to wait before we get any clues about what it is. Recently, Capcom updated its trademarks for a number of series, including Dino Crisis, leading to some speculation about it returning. It's more likely, however, that the publisher was just doing some housekeeping, as trademark owners need to be proactive to hold onto them. 

The last unannounced game Ambassadors were invited to test turned out to be Resident Evil: Resistance, the 4v1 spin-off that will be bundled into Resident Evil 3 Remake. There sure are a lot of Resident Evil games knocking about. It would be nice, then, to see something like Dino Crisis getting some love, and Capcom is apparently interested in digging into its back catalogue. 

Capcom didn't mention when testing would begin, but the implication is that it's soon. In the meantime, you can register for the programme here.

Fraser Brown
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