Resident Evil 7: The Experience challenges you to escape 'haunted' London venue

As if tip-toeing around Resident Evil 7's decrepit Baker estate wasn't terrifying enough, Capcom is now offering prospective players the chance to follow a "storyline inspired by the new game" in real life, whereby those brave enough will uncover puzzles and clues within a "haunted and dilapidated" venue in London’s East End. 

Set to run between January 20-23 (ahead of Resident Evil 7's January 24 launch), the free event is open to the public on a first-come-first-served basis and will see participants assuming the role of investigative journalist interns tasked with "helping a paranormal TV production team investigate the disappearance of their crew members who never returned from the house"—in line with what the RE7 Beginning Hour demo has showcased thus far. 

"For anyone who has ever wanted to enter the world of Resident Evil, now is your chance!" says Capcom PR manager Laura Skelly of The Experience in a statement. "We wanted to give fans a little glimpse into the Resident Evil 7: Biohazard gameplay, bringing it to life and allowing people to interact with the game in a brand-new way, and perhaps even having a chance encounter with some of the game’s characters."

Resident Evil 7's game producer Masachika Kawata adds: "I’m extremely excited to see Resident Evil 7: Biohazard come to life through this Experience, and for participants to get a little taster of what is to come in the game."

I've so far been really impressed with the latest Resi's new first-person direction and am looking forward to its launch in a few weeks time. That said, I'm not so sure I've got the guts to tackle this one. 

Perhaps I'm better suited to the potentially less disturbing 'Resident Evil 7: Blood, Sweat, and Fears 4D VR Candle' which is said to smell like "old timber, leather, and maybe some blood...". Its creators reckon it lasts for approximately 18-20 hours, but is apparently worth a rather pricey £14.99/$18.99.

More information on the Resident Evil 7: The Experience event can be found this way.