Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero DLC has some terrifying new monsters

Despite thoroughly enjoying its first-person perspective and cast of new characters, I wasn't as taken with Resident Evil 7's faceless Molded zombie-likes. Its incoming and complimentary Not a Hero DLC, however, looks to add some new, terrifying baddies to its bounds—which you'll see a brief snippet of in the game's latest trailer.

Fresh from Paris Games Week, the latest short centres on returning series star Chris Redfield and his pursuit of familiar villain Lucas Baker. He's at his usual cat-and-mouse tactics, as we see Redfield laying waste to hordes of undead within the expansion's underground mine setting, all the while chatting to his support team at base. 

From what we've seen before now, it's so far, so similar. That is, until around the 1.18 mark below. 

What the hell is that thing? With its glowing eyes, erratic movements and extended appendages, I really don't fancy tangling with that one. 

But I guess that'll be inevitable when Not a Hero drops on December 12, eh? When it does it'll be a free download for "all Resident Evil 7 Biohazard owners", so says Capcom. Until then, here's Andy's warm words on the base game