Resident Evil 6 screenshots show zombie president, armoured cars and EXPLOSIONS

Resident Evil 6

Capcom have sent over the first set of Resident Evil 6 screenshots. They look to be high res renders taken from the debut trailer which means we get a closer look at the zombie president, and other 'orrible creatures afflicted by the latest escaped virus. If it's in keeping with previous Resident Evils, the bioweapon was no doubt created by the least secretive, most evil secret evil organisation ever devised for a videogame, The Umbrella Corporation (and its various malicious subsidiaries).

Most of the shots are the dark brooding sort that you'd expect from a series with Resi's survival horror roots, but it'll almost certainly contain lots of action, a la Resident Evil 5, so let's kick things off with an explosion. BOOM!

Tom Senior

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