Resident Evil 6 announced, coming to PC after console release

[VAMS id="MZe60j3Y95q6V"]

Leon Kennedy has fought zombies, parasitic scythe-monsters, and even a few things that couldn't be instantly slain with a spinning back kick to the face. However, in Resident Evil 6, he may finally meet his match: American politics . Read inside for launch date details.

By "American politics," of course, I mean that he'll be duking it out with a president who's been biochemically "transformed beyond recognition and [making] his hardest ever decision." Series mainstay Chris Redfield, meanwhile, will be sharing top billing by putting his large biceps to use in China. So basically, the outbreak is going global, and globe-trotting is hungry business.

On the upside, the PC version is as existent as most PC ports of major console games are not. However, while RE6 is creeping onto consoles on November 20, the PC launch date is currently a simple "later." But for you impatient types, you can cut three whole minutes off your year-or-so wait time with the above trailer.