Resident Evil 6 marketplace listing teases six player co-op

Resident Evil 6

A listing for Resident Evil 6 on the Xbox Marketplace popped up over the weekend. It's since been removed, but Eurogamer spotted six player co-op as one of the listed features. Last week's Resident Evil 6 debut trailer showed off three pairs of potential protagonists. A co-op mode that has all of them fighting together simultaneously could be bloody marvellous.

Do check out the Resident Evil 6 trailer, if you haven't already. The opening scene shows lone defender of '90s curtain haircuts and treasonous fiend Leon Kennedy shooting dead the President of the United States simply because he happened to be a zombie (they're not zombies they're "infected" - Zombie Ed ). The madness ramps up from there. It's set for November 20 on consoles, and an ambiguous "later" on PC. Here's the debut trailer again in case you missed it.

[VAMS id="qw21Abya0920K"]

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