Resident Evil 3 Remake art has been spotted on PSN

(Image credit: Capcom)

The Resident Evil 3 Remake rumours seem to have been confirmed by the appearance of the game's cover art on PSN. Gamstat (via Nibel), which tracks PlayStation stats, spotted the addition of the cover art on the official PlayStation assets site. 

The cover art shows off Jill, Carlos and Nemesis, all looking a bit different. Carlos in particular has had a serious makeover. Gone is the floppy hair, and now he's sporting a beard. He looks a good decade older, too. Jill, meanwhile, is giving off some serious modern Lara Croft vibes, and Nemesis somehow looks even more hideous than usual.

(Image credit: Capcom)

According to Gamstat's leak, there will be two editions, at least on PS4, though it's not clear what the differences will be. Project Resistance's covert art has also appeared, along with its final title, the not very surprising Resident Evil: Resistance.

Last month, YouTuber Spawn Wave claimed he'd been made aware of the remake, while Capcom stoked the rumours at the start of Steam's Autumn Sale by posting some art prominently featuring Resident Evil 3's version of Jill, with Nemesis looming in the background.

Expect Capcom to make some Resident Evil announcements soon. Given the timing, a reveal at The Game Awards seems like a pretty safe bet.

Fraser Brown
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