Resident Evil 2 Remake shows off some old friends in this story trailer

Capcom has released a story trailer for the Resident Evil 2 Remake, due out early next year.

We get our first look at the mysterious Ada Wong, though this time around, she's more suitably dressed for the zombie apocalypse, sporting a beige trench coat—though presumably, she's still wearing her trademark red dress underneath. Perhaps she's saving it for a special occasion, like a dinner party or the opening of a casino. 

The video also shows Claire Redfield's first encounter with Sherry Birkin, and we get a glimpse of Leon's first encounter with the not-so-healthy-looking William Birkin. Once again, it underlines the differences in tone between the remake and the '90s original—you never know how silly Resident Evil will end up, these days, but this looks like pretty serious business. 

Resident Evil 2's remake is set for release on January 25, 2019. Back in July, Capcom outlined the changes made to both Claire and Leon. 

Sarah James
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