Remember Me studio reveals Vampyr, a new action RPG

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The big project currently underway at Paris-based developer Dontnod Entertainment, the studio behind the 2013 release Remember Me, is Life Is Strange, a game about a young woman who returns to her hometown after an extended absence and becomes embroiled in a metaphysical mystery surrounding the disappearance of an old classmate. But yesterday it revealed that it has another game on the go as well, and this one is going to suck.

Because it's about vampires!

I'm here all week.

Vampyr was revealed in a tweet by publisher Focus Home Interactive, which included a photo of a suitably gloomy-looking chap glancing over his shoulder and a promise that "the blood will drip!" According to thesixthaxis, it will be an action RPG set immediately after the First World War, in which players take on the role of a doctor treating victims of the Spanish Flu. He's transformed into a vampire after being bitten by one of his patients, and soon finds himself thrown into the morally-murky world of the Nosferatu, where his Hippocratic Oath runs headlong into an overwhelming desire to suck the lifeblood out of everything with a pulse.

As ideas go, I really dig this one, although there's not much more to it than that at this point, and no further details or a release target have been announced. Dontnod's Life Is Strange, meanwhile, comes out on January 30.

Andy Chalk

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