Relive the early 2000s with a PlayStation 2 PC case mod

Most of us have an old defunct gaming console or two just taking up space in our home. Instead of letting it collect dust (or using it to hide your weed), why not turn it into a PC and proudly display it back under the TV? 

Modder Wong of WiP PC Modz found a better use for one particular gaming console by turning an old Playstation 2 console into a PC that can play PS2 games. The video above shows how Wong skillfully hollowed out the PS2's innards and stuffed it like a Sony-branded turkey. 

In an interview about his PS2 PC, Wong said that the most challenging part of the build was cable management. Wong usually works bigger. Way bigger. Building things like, I kid you not, a PC shaped like a mini-low-rider that bounces up and down, with a monitor mounted in the trunk.

If you're thinking of dusting off and repurposing your PS2, WiP PC Modz listed all the components they used for the build. As you can see, with space being so tight, you're limited as to the kinds of parts you can fit inside the body of a PS2. 

  • PlayStation2 case
  • AMD Ryzen 5 2400g
  • B450i Aorus Pro WIFI
  • TeamGroup T-Force Night Hawk 16GB
  • TeamGroup T-Force Delta R 250GB
  • FSP FlexGURU 300w

You won't be playing Horizon Zero Dawn on this thing since it's running off integrated graphics (Vega 11, to be exact). Still, it would make for the perfect PS2 emulator or media server for all your legally obtained roms and DVD rips.

You can check out what other fabulous projects WiP PC Modz is up to on their Facebook and Youtube pages. I'm hoping the next build is a Sega Dreamcast mini PC, myself. Though is it really a Dreamcast without that loudly whirring GD-ROM drive? 

Jorge Jimenez
Hardware writer, Human Pop-Tart

Jorge is a hardware writer from the enchanted lands of New Jersey. When he's not filling the office with the smell of Pop-Tarts, he's reviewing all sorts of gaming hardware, from laptops with the latest mobile GPUs to gaming chairs with built-in back massagers. He's been covering games and tech for over ten years and has written for Dualshockers, WCCFtech, Tom's Guide, and a bunch of other places on the world wide web.