ReCore is coming to the PC


We described ReCore, the new action-adventure from Keiji Inafune, Comcept, and Armature Studios, as one of the best-looking games to be revealed at Microsoft's 2015 E3 press conference. We did so despite the fact that it was announced as an Xbox One exclusive, although we hoped that it wasn't actually an exclusive because... well, I'm not sure really. Dare to dream, I suppose. But it turns out that for once, our hopes weren't misplaced.

Word of ReCore on the PC was not announced so much as dribbled out in an Xbox Wire post about how great the holiday season was for Microsoft. Most of what it talks about isn't particularly relevant to us (although the bit about more than 6.6 million hours of gaming on Xbox One consoles being streamed to Windows 10 PCs in 2015 is weirdly impressive), but down near the bottom, in the “snapshot of 2016 exclusive titles” section, is this little tidbit:

  • ReCore (Xbox One & Windows 10) – 2016

The Xbox website still lists ReCore as an Xbox One exclusive and there's been no other announcement about its PC-ification, so it's possible that this is a mistake. However, as Polygon pointed out, this isn't actually the first time that a PC release has been mentioned: An Armature Studios designer referenced his work on a PC version of the game on his website, although it's since been removed. I've reached out to all involved to confirm that a PC release is in fact on the way, and in the meantime—dare to dream. And who knows, perhaps these other Xbox exclusives will amble their way over eventually.

Update: A Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed that ReCore will be released for Windows 10 as well as the Xbox One, although whether it will be compatible with previous version of Windows was not clarified. The rep added that a launch date has not yet been seen, but "the game will be ready in the latter half of 2016."

Andy Chalk

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