Razer's Project Brooklyn looks like an epic highchair for gamers

 At CES 2021, Razer unveiled its slate of upcoming gaming laptops armed with next-gen RTX GPUs, which have us pretty excited. If I am honest, my favorite thing about CES is whenever a company unveils a never-before-seen prototype or concept of what they think the future holds for tech. Imagine my joy when Razer introduced Project Brooklyn, its vision for the next generation of gaming chairs. It includes everything you need for total Matrix-like immersion inside your favorite games while also having a place for a bowl of Cheerios.  

Sitting comfortably?

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At a glance, Project Brooklyn seems like your typical racing seat inspired gaming chair with some RGB accents. But taking cues from Inspector Gadget's trenchcoat, there's more hiding inside this seat than meets the eye. Sprouting from the back of the chair Razer is talking about a deployable 60-inch rollout OLED full surround display that will assault your eyes from all angles with just one button press.  

The armrests can transform into a small tray for comfortable keyboard and mouse gaming, or if you want to have a little snack as you sit back and absorb your favorite episode of Black Mirror. 

While not the most ridiculous gaming chair we've seen (looking at you, Acer Thronos), the way the Project Brooklyn prototype can go from standard gaming chair to netrunner mode seems pretty impressive, and kinda drastic. 

Project Brooklyn uses Razer's Hypersense technology, which was unveiled back at CES in 2019, a fancy way to say that Razer has found a way to jam haptic feedback built into the framework of the chair, which is no easy feat. Razer said to imagine feeling the rumble of an explosion all over your body, which was a terrifying yet intriguing moment in our pre-CES briefing. 

So, what's the likelihood of us putting our butts on one of these seats? Given the fact that this sort of bendable display doesn't exist, no time soon. However, I could see the RGB lighting, armrest table tray, and haptic feedback, somehow making their way into Razer's current gaming chair line shortly. 

Like other concepts, we are catching a glimpse of what Razer thinks will be necessary for gamers looking to score gaming in the future. I, for one, am looking forward to parking my butt onto this chair and watching endless amounts of Bridgerton. 

Jorge Jimenez
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