Rainbow Six Siege's next season is called Crimson Heist

rainbow six siege crimson heist
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft has begun dropping teasers for Crimson Heist, the next season of Rainbow Six Siege and the official kickoff of Year 6. As announced at last year's Six Invitational, Crimson Heist will follow Siege's new direction of releasing only a single operator each season. This time around, it looks like we're getting a bespectacled thief of some sort.

"Getting the job done can sometimes require a more creative approach," the cryptic tweet reads.

In an almost refreshing change of pace, that's really all we know about this next operator so far. Siege is typically such a leaky game that we knew exactly what Year 5's last two operators did six months ahead of time, but there's been little word about Crimson Heist. Following the defender Aruni, we can presume with some confidence that this new face will be an attacker.

Siege's operation names typically have something to do with the op's gadget or role, so this attacker may specialize in stealing from defenders or cracking into hard-to-reach areas (perhaps with a drone or hard breaching). We can see the remnants of an explosion in the reflection of the op's glasses, so I'm leaning toward destruction.

Speaking of "operations," Ubisoft's chosen name for seasons for the past five years, this apparently isn't one. It's just "Crimson Heist" now. I guess I'm okay with that, though I thought the name made them feel somewhat distinct. Sure, other games picked up on the lingo eventually (including other Ubi games), but I think Siege has owned that designation since launch. Ah well, things change.

We're likely to see more Crimson Heist teases like this from the Siege Twitter account before an anticipated full reveal on February 21. On top of the new op, we'll learn which map is getting a rework this time around. Based on the palm trees in the character's background, there are a few good candidates—Border, Bank, Coastline, or Fortress could all benefit from an update.

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