Play Rainbow Six Siege for free this weekend

If you'd like to shoot some people this weekend but don't want to actually commit murder, go to jail, or spend money, Ubisoft is offering an alternative in the form of a free weekend in its multinational people-shooting game Rainbow Six Siege. From March 5-8, the full game including all maps and modes will be free to play on all platforms.

The Siege freebie will be available on Steam, Epic, and Uplay, and will be preloadable beginning today so you can jump into the action as soon as it starts. As usual, any progress earned during the free weekend will carry over into the full game should you choose to spring for it, and it will also be on sale for up to 75 percent off, depending on the version.

The video up above is a couple of years old now and so a little out of date on the specifics, but it covers the basics of the game quite well. (Which is presumably why Ubisoft keeps using it everything it kicks off a free weekend.) For something a little more up to date, be sure to check out our coverage of Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 (because yes, it's been around that long) and its first season, Operation Void Edge, both of which we expect to begin sometime next week.

(Image credit: Ubisoft)
Andy Chalk

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