Rain World celebrates successful Kickstarter, Greenlight campaigns with new alpha footage

Well that was fast. Rain World, the stealth platformer featuring the most adorable slugcat I've ever seen, has been fully funded on Kickstarter after only a couple of days. The team has set new goals, but not before celebrating its funding and successful Greenlighting with a new batch of alpha gameplay footage.

Titled “The Roof,” the video shows little slugcat hunting for food on an abandoned rooftop while being pursued by hungry lizards. In an update to Kickstarter backers, developer James Primate calls attention to the animation, ">writing “Joar's procedural-hybrid animation techniques create amazingly life-like creatures that bend and stretch naturally, often doing unexpected, exciting things… note how the slugcat makes darting glances at objects (or creatures) that interest it.”

Like seemingly all video footage of Rain World, this clip ends with slugcat getting unceremoniously wrecked—and according to Primate, this is an easy level. Head to Rain World's Kickstarter page for more information; the game should be released in December this year.