Rage dev: id's old style of games "just don't work anymore"

Rage Thumbnail

Id's latest game, Rage, is a major departure for one of the PC's best-loved developers. It's not a corridor shooter. It doesn't take place in the dark. It's an open world shooter/driving game with *gasp*, a story. It doesn't even have a multiplayer deathmatch mode. Creative Director of id, Tim Willits, says that it's a deliberate attempt to move out of Id's comfort zone because their old formula "just doesn't work any more."

Speaking to PC Gamer, Tim explained that "we did not want to have Nazis in corridors, demons in corridors, aliens in corridors... we didn't want to have a short single player game, make an id style deathmatch, then just put a name on it and say 'everyone should buy this'. People expect more."

In Rage, Willits explained, your playtime is far more varied. "In the different areas, you have a different mindset. In town, you're in a mindset where there's no combat, you can buy your stuff, you can find missions. In the wasteland, you're in a buggy, a bit of vehicle combat. And then, when you get to a facade (Rage's dungeon-esque shooter sections), it's like classic id first person. It makes it more than running around shooting dudes."