Qrth-phyl released: mind-melting 3D snake game comes as $5 bundle with dev's previous work

Qrth-phyl is the kind of name that causes brand managers to scream an unending scream as their eyes melt out of their sockets. Maybe that's the idea. But as tricky to market as its Cornish name might prove, the game beneath can be quickly described as a 3D spin on the classic game, Snake. A pupil-dilatingly psychotropic 3D spin, that is: like being hit hard on the back of the head and pushed into the excavated interior of a disco-lit Rubik's cube as it spins violently around you. Which is clearly a thumbs-up, right?

It's currently bidding for a place on Steam via Greenlight , but is available to buy from today for $3 from the developer's website . You can also pay $2 extra for a bundle that includes two extra games, fren-ze and the really rather good Leave Home.

See below for a few extra pics and a video of qrth-phyl. You can also find other awesome games fighting for their lives on Steam Greenlight in our PC Gamer collection .