Pure Farming 2018 out now, promises 7 DLCs and updated modding tools

If you're after a filtered farming experience, I suggest you hit up the likes of Stardew Valley. But if you prefer getting your hands dirty with genuine, authentic, unadulterated or, um, pure sims, know that Pure Farming 2018 is out now. 

(I should qualify this by saying I don't really get farming simulators—but this 'un taught James to respect rice and strange machinery so I guess it stands up.)

Pure Farming 2018 has a launch trailer. Look, see:

A couple of weeks back, developer Ice Flames described modding support as something it "simply had to have" in its game. Into the future, it's now promising "at least three updates to modding tools within three months", alongside "support for steering wheels and peripherals" in the same time frame. 

On the DLC front, Pure Farming 2018 will harvest seven slices of DLC "with new models and machines" in the next six months. Here's publisher Techland on that:     

We listened closely to the farm simulator community, so we understand their expectations. That’s why we’re bringing a fleet of fully licensed machines from such industry leaders as Zetor, JCB, Great Plains, and many others. We’ve designed unique farms located in the USA, Japan, Italy, Colombia and Germany, and introduced various crops specific for these regions. Thanks to three distinct game modes, we believe we’ve created a game that is very accessible to newcomers and at the same time satisfying for harcdore gamers who know their way around a virtual farm

Pure Farming 2018 is out now. More information can be found on its Steam page.