Public alpha imminent for intriguing action-RPG, Krater

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Krater is attempting to fuse the fast, bloody combat of Diablo with more thoughtful squad management. The devs are listing big names like X-Com and Syndicate as inspirations, and there will be a massive crafting system to back up the exploration and monster mincing. Your squad will change as members leave or die, and as every item in the game can be crafted, you'll have complete control over your squad's gear and set-up.

Krater is about to go into public pre-alpha testing, in which they're aiming to get tons of feedback on an early build. If you'd like to get involved and see how Krater's shaping up, you can follow the latest announcements on the Krater site and follow developers, Fatshark, on Twitter . Meanwhile, here are a few of the latest screenshots from the current build.

Tom Senior

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