PUBG's new car horns have turned stream-snipers into 'stream-honkers'

One of the new features in the imminent update to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is that cars will now have horns. The patch, due today, has been available to try on PUBG's public test servers where it has already become somewhat of an irritation to certain streamers, because some stream-snipers have become, well, stream-honkers

Stream-sniping, typically, involves playing on a server with a streamer while watching the livestream to gain an advantage. As you'll see in the first few clips of the video below, stream-honking appears to involve joining a server that a streamer is playing on, getting into a car, finding the streamer on the map, then holding down the car horn in their vicinity. When fired at, the honker will speed away and then attempt to re-follow the streamer for more ear-harming honkery.

(Note: in addition to honking, there is some salty language in the video.)


I have to admit I find it a bit amusing, but then again I'm not the one trying to play a game while someone follows me around in a car honking incessantly. I would imagine it would become a bit grating after a while, with 'a while' defined as 'more than three seconds.'

With Bluehole's policy of distributing bans for stream-sniping, will we begin to see bans for stream-honking? How could it be determined if a honker is a stream-sniper and not just, like, an asshole? Will another patch need to be released to de-horn or re-horn PUBG's cars? Stay tuned, and if we hear anything (over the sound of all the honking) we'll let you know.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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