PUBG PC update makes Sanhok map prettier

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' latest PC update makes visual improvements to its Sanhok map, adds a new PGI theme, and makes adjustments to its UI during matchmaking. 

Tweaks to its Thailand-inspired 4x4 tropical map include the addition of cracked bells, mossy rubble piles and a new cap on the central palace. That looks like this:

Likewise, cliff faces and rock formations have been given a makeover map-wide. They now look like this:

All of PC update #17's nips and tucks currently apply to its test server, which also include terrain collision fixes and a PGI-themed lobby, BGM and loading screen. Here's that:

"When matchmaking, the game will now display an estimated wait time for finding a match," reads this Steam Community post, before detailing a number of bug fixes. 

The most relevant of those, I'd say, is crossbow reticles are no longer misaligned. As always, the latest PC update will be applied to live servers in the coming days.

In the meantime, I thought this was amusing: