PUBG overhauls throwables, adds anti-cheat tech on test servers

When I first started playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, I wrote about the mind games folk played with its seemingly innocuous doors. A year on, it seems increasing the area of effect of Molotov Cocktails makes this tactic void. PUBG's PC update #14 overhauls throwables.

Burn, baby, burn:

Named by developer PUBG Corp as "traditionally among the least popular items in the game", Molotovs now have a wider area of effect whereby fire can spread along walls and wooden surfaces. That's outlined above, as is the fact they now explode when shot mid-air. 

Stun grenades, on the other hand, now affect stunned players' vision, hearing and shot accuracy in the aftermath of an explosion. Moreover, frag grenades no longer have a knockback effect, but do have buffed range and damage. PUBG Corp details these changes with the following graphic:

PUBG's latest patch also rolls out new anti-cheat tech to its test servers. "We’ve added a new anti-cheat solution, developed in-house at PUBG Corp," says this Steam Community update post. "Before we implement this tech on live servers, we’d first like to see how it works out on the test server. For this, we’ll need your help."

The dev says that in order to help refine its new anti-cheat measures, players should select the new pre-match "Enable Anti-cheat" box. At present, this can be disabled—however this option will not be available once it's moved to live servers.  

In other PUBG news, its tropical Sanhok map enters its fourth round of testing—likely its last before going live—today/tomorrow. PUBG Corp provides detailed patch notes on what that entails in this direction.