Project Diablo 2 mod is a massive rework of the original game

Diablo II skeleton box art
(Image credit: Blizzard)

A Diablo 2 official remaster, as much as fans might want it, potentially won't ever exist, so a group of modders took it upon themselves to overhaul Diablo 2 and offer a new and improved gaming experience. The mod, simply called Project Diablo 2, is completely designed by fans, with streamer SenpaiSomething leading development.

It makes a number of improvements, such as reworking the Meteor and Twister spells and rebalancing runes, skills and items. That's not all—on the official website, the team says "Over time we are attempting to take every weak or unuseable skill and allow you to make fully functioning builds around them opening up all kinds of options that didn't exist previously". There are also new endgame challenges, completely new skills and PvP support.

Project Diablo 2 isn't the first sizable mod for the game—last year saw the release of Median XL, which is less concerned with original Diablo 2 experience, and instead makes far-reaching changes to basic design.

There are plenty of modders who don't stop at improving a single aspect and instead go after the entire game, such as the long-running Morrowind: Rebirth, which is giving Bethesda's classic a completely new feel, for example by adding buildings to existing settlements and giving you new weapons and artifacts to find. Long War for XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within, with its new soldier classes and much-needed balance tweaks, counts the original game's developers among its fans, who invited the mod team to create official mods for XCOM 2. Recently, modder Jannis Brinkmann released Portal Reloaded, a Portal mod adding a green portal with the ability to bend time.

Project Diablo 2's first season, The Awakening, started November 6, leading to a real onslaught on the game's servers. The server resets every four months, simultaneously with new updates. You can visit the mod's official website to find out how to install it and learn more about future changes.