Project CR: Crowbar only Half-Life speed run

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Half-Life speed runs are excellent viewing. The scripted sequences, perfectly tuned for cautious play, become a cacophony of explosions and ignored dialogue when one of these crazed Goldsource parkour ninjas railguns through the game. This one by Rofi is cooler than all of the others, for two reasons. The first is that it's a little bit quicker. The second is that he only uses the crowbar. And his MURDERFEET.

Update: This video has been deleted from vimeo. I'm trying to get in touch with Rofi to figure out how we can embed it from somewhere else again - if you know him, get him to give us a shout in the comments.

Here are some highlights:


The first moment your jaw drops watching any Half-Life speed run.


The same trick, just waaaay bigger.


The third time, he doesn't use a ladder. He uses a rock to break his fall.


Now that is how you break into a military base.


Why this is called Project Crowbar. "Is that all you've got?"


I really feel sorry for these people when they have to sit in an elevator. Imagine being on a road trip with one.


He almost dies here.


It's possible to break the floor in this chamber, and he's managed to write his name in the ground with exactly the right number of crowbar attacks.


He does the entire boss fight with 1 health point remaining. Watch how he gets up to the crystals and destroys them with just his crowbar. Madness.


Guess what he decides to do at the end? They don't show the part where he owns an entire room full of aliens by jumping on their heads.

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