Project Cars 2 will (probably) be out this fall

We haven't heard much about Project Cars 2 since its crowdfunding campaign kicked off in the summer of 2015. But it may not be too terribly far away, as Slightly Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell said in a recent forum post that it could be released as soon as September. 

"It's still a very tight run as we're a bit behind on GUI and Career so nothing is set in stone yet. Current guess is Septemberish," he wrote. In a follow-up post, he said he gave the September target "because the leaks are getting worse and a lot of misinformation was building." He also denied that "Septemberish" indicates a delay, since a release date hadn't been announced in the first place. 

Bell also indicated that we'll be hearing more about Project Cars 2 soon. "We have a very carefully planned marketing and information release program and anything that wasn't already out there by me (like our late 17 release 'aim' which I'm on record here stating from over a year back) has to stay under wraps," he wrote. "[It will begin in] weeks not months. So as per our tweets, very soon now. The ancient screenies are killing me BTW. It looks so much better now with more to come until beta." 

In December, Bell said that QA testing on Project Cars 2 had already begun, and that Slightly Mad planned a minimum of seven months of testing. He also promised that "none of the famous brands are missing this time." That could even include Porsche, whose exclusive licensing agreement with Electronic Arts expired late last year.

Andy Chalk

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