Production Line enters early access, modding support planned

Positech Games, the creator of Democracy 3 and Gratuitous Space Battles, is working on a new strategy-meets-management sim "where the player runs a small, but growing car company". Named Production Line, the developer's frontman Cliff Harris teased a prototype in September, however things have since moved quickly as his latest project is now in early alpha access and is adding new features—often at the behest of the game's community—week-on-week.

As Harris has noted before, he's keen to employ a Prison Architect-style, direct-with-the-developer early access course of development with Production Line, which has seen him liaising with players, gathering feedback and in turn adjusting and tweaking features to suit, not to mention fixing a host of bugs that are part and parcel with this stage of development. 

Harris covers all of that in a little more detail here: 

"It's safe to say that pre-orders have exceeded my expectations," says Harris in a blog post. "You people seem to like this game! I keep checking that there hasn’t been some big news article on it, and no, it's just word of mouth and some cool YouTube videos. I’m working my way through a seemingly never ending list of fixes, tweaks and suggestions, and trying to patch the game only when I have patched something that is embarrassing enough that it pains me to think of people playing without that fix. 

"I’ll try to slow down the release schedule and have fewer, bigger updates, as that means less time spending doing and checking builds and more time spent actually developing fixes and improvements." 

When asked in the comments of the dev diary above if future mod support is planned, Harris says: "Modding support will definitely be coming." 

Again, Production Line is currently in its earliest of stages, however here's YouTube person OfficialStuffPlus taking a closer look at how it functions:

Production Line's early access alpha is available for £7.99 this-a-way (Windows direct-download only).