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Procedurally generated grand strategy The Last Federation out now

Arcen Games' The Last Federation only came to light in February , and yesterday the grand-strategy-featuring-turn-based-shmup-combat-bits saw release. One day the secret of Arcen's astounding productivity will leak out - my money's on founder Chris Park owning some sort of Time Turner - but before that dread reveal we have plenty of time to wallow in their copious, innovative, if not always entirely successful output. The Last Federation is now available on the official site or on the Steams , along with your standard slight reduction in price and beautifully impenetrable launch trailer. I have no idea what's going on in the next two minutes, but just look at all the tiny lasers and explosions.

Arcen have released a lot of games in a variety of styles since their breakout hit AI War - including A Valley Without Wind, Skyward Collapse, and mech-based roguelike Bionic Dues - but The Last Federation is the first to delve into the same spacey strategy territory. This video will tell you a bit more about the ambitious procedurally generated simulation: