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Prison Architect update brings mod support and further performance boosts

A scenario: somebody builds the biggest prison imaginable, fills it full of the most hardened criminals, then, through careful management, has it turning a regular profit. Are they proud of their achievement? No. All they really wanted was to run a jail full of clowns. By default, Prison Architect doesn't contain clowns, which I think we can all agree is a shame. Luckily for our fictional warden, this latest update for the prison management sim codifies mod support, making it easier for them - or other clown hating players - to reskin the game's prisoners.

Or do something else. Modding isn't just about clowns.

Those with alpha log-in details will find a full list of currently available mods here . Right now, people are doing clever things with federal funding, and with changing all prisoners into Darwinians.

As of this update, the game should be much faster. A long campaign of optimisation has meant that, according to the graph posted on the update page , performance on large maps has more than tripled.

In addition to those major updates, staff have been tweaked so that they now become tired. A new staff room designation lets you build areas for them to recharge.

Prison Architect alpha 15 is out now.

Phil Savage
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