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Prison Architect sells over 250,000 copies, is Introversion's best selling game

Over 250,000 inmates are now being held by Prison Architect , according to the latest sales figures for Introversion's still-in-alpha management sim. That's an impressive amount of people, and an even more impressive amount of revenue: $8,001,530 as of writing. SATIRE MODE ACTIVATED: It turns out the news wasn't lying when it said the prison system was one of the world's fastest growing industries.

"We never would have believed that one of our games would be so popular," says Introversion's Mark Morris, "and we want to thank everyone that is supporting Prison Architect and helping us turn it into a concrete reality."

It must be a happy situation for the inveterate underdogs to find themselves in. Before Prison Architect's alpha release, after the less-than-successful Multiwinia, and the eventually cancelled Subversion, Introversion faced the very real possibility of closure, and - as one of them believed - a prison sentence of their own. You can read the story about the game's inception and development in our recent Prison Architect feature .

Prison Architect is currently available - as an early access alpha - from the Introversion website .

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