Prey has a new post-patch recycling glitch

When Prey's infinite materials exploit surfaced a couple of weeks back, it was inevitable it'd be patched out in a subsequent update. Update version 1.2 arrived last week and did exactly that—however it seems a different recycling glitch exists for those still interested in racking up resources minus the effort. 

Well, I should qualify that last part: this method is far more laborious than the previous one, but nevertheless works with a little perseverance. 

Discovered by Reddit user Aeramus, and outlined via the following video, the new exploit lets you trick recycling machines into thinking they're carrying more materials than they are. First, have a look at Aeramus' walkthrough (note that he's playing on PS4, but I can confirm it works on PC too):

So, to break that down: first put your materials into the Recycler and make sure each slot contains less than 1.00 of whichever material you're splitting; then quick save and quick load, and notice that the machine rounds up, assuming each slot is carrying 1.00 of that material. After that, it's a simple case of rinse and repeat. 

Aeramus also notes that splitting 0.48 of any material equal ways will save resources as there are 48 slots on each Recycler. 

Again, a much longer-winded process than the previous exploit—however this might suit players who're simply after an easier time, or those who enjoy exploring Talos 1 without worrying about ammo and health kits (or lack thereof). Naturally, expect this workaround to be patched out similar to its forerunner.