Please read: a personal appeal from "Jimmy Wales"

Hi, I'm Jimmy goddamn Wales. You may know me as the founder of Wikipedia or from my reputation as not a spy. These past few weeks, I've been staring at every Wikipedia user through their screens in an attempt to a) distract them while Larry Sanger steals their silverware, and b) mind-trick them into donating to Wikipedia.

I've made a huge mistake.

Wikipedia, while an excellent resource for proving people wrong in pubs or undermining the legitimacy of the Phone A Friend option in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, is useless at entertaining sick children. Sick Children Weekly called it "boring" and "mama?".

What little money Larry Sanger hasn't already stolen from them should be going to Child's Play . They're a gamers' charity who've raised over 7 million dollars ' worth of toys, games, books and money for hospitalised children. It's a monument not only to the generosity of gamers, who account for the lion's share of that achievement, but to the positive power of games themselves. Games make people happy. Sick children need that more than most, and they benefit from it more than most.

This year they're aiming to raise $1.3 million. They've almost raised $450,000 already. You can donate directly , via the awesome Desert Bus for Hope campaign, or in the US, text GAMERS to 50555 to donate $5. Which will be added to your phone bill - it's not magic money.

Oh, and if anyone can spare $10,000 for a pair of VVVVVV socks, the asshole who promised that money to sick children pulled out . Stay classy, eBay.


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