Playerunknown's Battlegrounds will have 2D and 3D replay systems in the coming months

Given Playerunknown's Battlegrounds has only recently surpassed its second month of Early Access existence, the open world online shooter boasts a pretty remarkable amount of depth already. Chris and Michael Johnson's tips and pointers have proven invaluable to my slow progress so far, however news of both 2D and 3D replay systems sounds exciting so far as tracking and analysing performance is concerned. 

Speaking to Game Informer, Battlegrounds mastermind Brendan Greene—aka Playerunknown himself—discussed the game's staggering popularity up to now, and the direction in which he and his team are driving PUBG into the future.      

The conversation covers the game's in-development maps, the idea of implementing lore, colour-coding ammo, the possibility of a single-player campaign and, most interestingly, the apparently incoming 2D and 3D replay systems. On the two dimensional front, Greene says to expect something similar to Arma, whereby players can track their movements up and down the map. The 3D variation will however include slow motion, cinematic camera angles and will provide scope for Machinima-style player videos.  

"We have 2D and 3D replays planned for the game," Greene tells GI. "We have a team that just joined that are working on a 3D replay system at the moment, which is great because while they're doing that, we don't need to spend resources on it. It's something I feel is really essential to the game—having this ability to watch your own round back in the game and have a spectator camera where you can just watch yourself, and watch any round, basically. 

"I think this will help the game in the long-term where it'll provide content creators and players with ways to create interesting videos... Also, going forward, we plan to add modding in. We feel that can help our game survive that one year flash in the pan, so to speak. We want to provide a platform for game modes—you already see it with our custom games. We don't want to restrict people to just the battle royale game mode or just the game modes we make. We want to see what everyone can create."

 Here's the full conversation courtesy of Game Informer