Play Torbjörn Golf thanks to the Overwatch Workshop

When you hear the phrase "Torbjörn Golf" you might get a picture in your head of the Overwatch hero using a hammer like a golf club, maybe on a golf ball, or maybe just on Wrecking Ball. Now watch the video of Torbjörn Golf, and see what it actually looks like. 

The player responsible for making this new mode in the Overwatch Workshop went in a different direction with the idea. Torbjörn is the golf ball, and powers up (you can see the number at the top of the screen increasing), then launches himself like Winston does with his jump pack attack.

Right now there's a single 18-hole golf course you can play through along with up to 11 friends on the Overwatch PTR. The mod's creator suggests setting the lobby to invite-only otherwise rounds can go forever thanks to new players continually joining. Other tips: Press crouch to see where the next hole is, and look upward to gain a bit of height. Find it with the code QT7TQ.

The Overwatch Workshop has been home to a few entertaining mods so far, including one that adds Portal guns. Here are a few more of the best.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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