Play as Bomberman in Fall Guys from June 4

Fall Guys x Bomberman
(Image credit: Mediatonic / Konami)

Free-to-play battle royale Super Bomberman R Online (never thought I'd say that sentence) is releasing today, and of course Fall Guys has gotten its shapeless stubs on yet another gaming crossover. But this time, the bean-shaped lads are also getting in on the fun.

As well as Fall Guys getting a classic Bomberman skin on June 4, the beans themselves are heading into Super Bomberman R Online, or at least one of them is, as a playable character. Despite the staggering amount of characters that have made their way into Fall Guys as a skin, this'll be the first time that bean boy has crossed over into someone else's game. The "Bean Bomber" character can dive across the map, and surprisingly looks far more out of place than I'd expect a fellow rotund bomber to be.

Fall Guys' Bomberman skin will be available in the shop for 10 crowns, while Super Bomberman R Online's Bean Bomber character will be available to owners of the game for free "until further notice."

Super Bomberman R Online is out now on Steam and Google Stadia. Fall Guys is currently in the midst of its fourth season, with the midseason update dropping earlier this month.

Mollie Taylor
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