Planetside 2 stats show over 100 million soldiers fell in February, double XP weekend incoming

February was a difficult month for the battle-locked soldiers of Planetside 2's Auraxia. During the four week period, over 100 million soldiers fell in glorious war - before subsequently respawning and presumably dying again. And SOE have provided a slew of other stats celebrating their bloody conflict. Among them is the revelation that 42.31 recruits are dying every second. If that rate holds steady, it means 380.79 players saw their end while I typed that last sentence. Only a sentient torso remains.

  • 102,366,951 casualties on Auraxian soil
  • 42.31 deaths per second
  • 7.2 billion shots fired; 2.3 billion shots hit
  • 2,960 shots per second
  • 140 countries participating
  • 43 thousand outfits; 4,810 active Outfits per server
  • 152 thousand squads
  • 5 thousand hours spent healing
  • 4.76 years spent repairing
  • 1.2 million base flips
    • New Conglomerate: 399 thousand
    • Vanu Sovereignty: 375 thousand
    • Terran Republic: 389 thousand

Those figures will likely increase soon. A double XP and double SC event is due to take place this weekend. It's just in time for the release of Update 05, which brings account wide unlocks and Empire-specific rocket launchers.

Finally, if you want some information on the what's powering all this chaos and carnage, SOE have also released a video detailing the flexibility of the ForgeLight, Planetside 2's core engine.

Phil Savage

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