Planetside 2 is getting a base-building system

Planetside 2 base

The three-year anniversary Planetside 2 stream covers some ambitious incoming updates. The first release of new base-building kits are likely heading to test servers this year, with a full initial release planned further down the line.

The system will launch with a few prefab structures, including walls, a bunker, turrets and the base core, which generates victory points for your army. Structures can be built anywhere, but will take time and resources to erect.

You can climb into turrets and fire in third-person, with 360 degree freedom, or upgrade them to automatically defend your base. If the base takes a hit, they will focus fire on the attacker, a move designed to deter enemy aircraft looking for an easy bombing run at the core.

The plan is to add more prefab items every few months, along with more flexible building UI that will let you elevate and rotate items to place them with greater precision. "We're aiming for a full base-building system. That's what we want."

You can see a simple base being built, and find out what happens when you destroy the core in the video below. The base-building demo starts at the eight-minute mark.

Via VG247.

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