PlanetSide 2 GU09 patch released, adds "Lattice" lanes to direct map flow

The latest major update to PlanetSide 2 has landed, bringing some sweeping changes to the balance and design of the game. The most significant overhaul for "GU09" is the trialling of a new map system, that replaces the previous Hex-based conquest path with a "Lattice Link" of criss-crossing attack avenues. So rather than expanding out in any direction, now your invasion is going to rely on somebody in your squad being able to read a map.

"In order to maintain the integrity of their control protocols, the Empires have fallen back on an older system – a hard line network that physically connects bases and territories known as the Lattice Link," the update page explains. "While the hard line approach has been able to negate the recent security issues with using wireless technology, the Empires now require a friendly adjacent link to the Lattice in order to take control of an enemy installation."

In practice, it reduces the number of regions connected to each other, creating a clearer battle flow that will funnel players more naturally towards set lanes - something not unlike the push and pull of a DoTA-like map. SOE hope the move will also give defenders more focus when preparing to deflect an assault.

Other changes include the addition of a short interactive tutorial, designed to better prepare new players. As for new toys, the Harasser of GU08 can now be equipped with Empire-specific weapons, and MAXs have been updated with extra abilities, again dependant on the player's faction.

Elsewhere, there's the now-standard plethora of tweaks and rebalances as SOE continue to tinker with the game. There are too many to list, so I'll instead point you to the GU09 patch notes .

Although I will highlight this significant update:

  • "Stopped a jump pad at the Allatum Bio Lab from launching you into a tree"

Game changer.

Phil Savage

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