Planetary Annihilation screenshots show buildings, units, unit cannon

A bunch of early Planetary Annihilation screenshots have popped up on the Planetary Annihilation blog , showing a wide selection of prototype building and unit designs (thanks, PCGamesN ). Uber Entertainment count a number of Gas Powered Games and Cavedog veterans among their number, so some of the models will look quite famliar to Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander players.

We have played those games rather a lot, so we gathered round an office screen and nerd out over an aerial overview, trying to identify and label every structure and robot. I've scribbled our guesses all over one of the screenshots below. How close were we?

Click the pic to enlarge it to readable size. Unless you have eagle vision, in which case - 'scool.

And here are the other images uploaded to the PA blog.

Tom Senior

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