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Pinball-inspired slash 'em up Creature in the Well is out now

Pinball and hack n' slash is a delightful-sounding combination, and it's the basis for Creature in the Well, a pinball-inspired dungeon crawler that follows the last remaining BOT-C robot unit as it ventures into a mysterious mountain to restore power to an ancient facility. 

As you make your way further into the mountain’s depths, you’ll uncover upgradable weapons and gear that will help you progress through the eight dungeons. Successfully battle through each one and you’ll be able to save the city of Mirage from a brutal sandstorm, but that also means facing the colossal creature that lives below.

Chris played Creature in the Well back at E3, and quite liked it. We haven't had a chance to play it any further yet, but the art is awfully promising. 

Creature in the Well is available on Steam and GOG for $12.50/£10.25 at a slight discount for launch.