Peripheral maker Mad Catz may be coming back from the dead

Peripheral maker Mad Catz was at one time a big name in the plastic input device business, but its days came to an end earlier this year when, after more than a year of struggle, it pulled the plug with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. But if Kotaku is correct, it might soon be making a comeback. 

The site was sent a link to a video on YouTube entitled "Back in the Game," which is really nothing more than a 30-second clip of a T-1000-style reconstruction of a mouse, keyboard, and gaming headset. There's no hint of who or what is actually "back in the game," unless there's secret stashed in there somewhere that I've missed: Instead, it's the origin of the trailer itself that's significant. It was posted by Little Big PR, whose co-founder and CEO is Alex Verrey. But before that gig—up until early 2016, when the company has hammered by layoffs—he was the global PR and communications director at Mad Catz.    

This could all be another company entirely, but the circumstantial evidence certainly appears to point to Mad Catz. If it is, the video could also be taken as a sign of an increased focus on the PC market. It obviously isn't a comprehensive showcase of everything that Mad Catz (or, you know, whoever) will come back with, but leading with PC peripherals—and nary a controller in sight—seems intended to make a strong, and very particular, first impression. 

The big secret will apparently be revealed on January 4, just a few days ahead of CES. I've reached out to Little Big PR to ask about what's coming back, and while they probably won't want to spoil the surprise, I'll let you know if someone does. 

Andy Chalk

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