People are exceptionally thirsty about this free game where you flirt with the grim reaper on text chat

What's up visual novel and romance fans, I've got a game here for you about flirting with death. But not like in a "dangerous motorcycle tricks" or "disaster tourism" way, instead in like a very literal way where the Grim Reaper shows up to claim your soul and intead you flirt with him. It's free, to boot.

"Fight against & romance the one hunting for your soul in A Date with Death, a romance chat simulator where you date(?) the Grim Reaper himself. Create your own character, decorate your apartment, and chat away with the charming yet dangerous Grim Reaper through text and video calls," is how developer Two and a Half Studios describes it.

And dear readers, let me tell you, people are really, really thirsty about it. In ways that people are not normally thirsty about even romance games.

"I'm nominally straight. I have a fiancee whom I love dearly. That being said," starts one review which I don't think the editors here at PC Gamer would want me to include the rest of. "Never thought i'd call the grim reaper submissive and," begins another. "Sex update please.please. please. please. (half) joking but honestly this was so. it was such a," begins a third.

I think you see where I'm going with this. People like to flirt with this man.

The game itself is a (free) romance visual novel that takes place over the internet, a strong pitch because I know you're here which means you probably already spend a bunch of time on the internet. It takes place over about a week, on account of the bet you've made in an attempt to keep your soul. Because yeah, he's the grim reaper, his job is to remove your soul from your body.

There's also an expansion DLC, priced at US$7, that adds more outfits and decorations for your room, more dialogue for the cute boy you're dating (again, he is actually death itself), and an extra ending.

Anyway let's see some more reviews, because they're very funny.

"10/10 very babygirl," says the complete body of a review I think I can actually link to. Which brings me to my favorite review:

"I need him carnally, i want him so bad its concerning to feminism," says reviewer Astrobubbs.

This is an exceptional level or horny for one game that's not explicit pornography. I would know. It's literally part of my job to read Steam reviews. As an expert on this topic: Does this game take place in a desert? Cause y'all thirsty as hell.

You can find A Date with Death on Steam for free.

Jon Bolding is a games writer and critic with an extensive background in strategy games. When he's not on his PC, he can be found playing every tabletop game under the sun.