Pay what you want for expansive space action shooter RPG Ring Runner

Trying to describe Ring Runner is a bit like trying to explain Twitter to Wurzel Gummidge. It's an action RPG, kinda, but also a top-down shooter set in space. For all I know it's a rhythm game too, but let's stop before our brains explode too much. Triple.B's game features a ton of procedural generation, hundreds of abilities and dozens of ships - and now you can pay what you want for it on IndieGameStand . You have just under 89 hours left to do so.

If you beat the average you'll get Ring Runner's soundtrack, an HD art pack, and the companion novel thrown in too. The deal expires in around four days, at which point - as is the IndieGameStand custom - another game will be placed in the Pay What You Want hotseat.

Ring Runner is currently awaiting votes on Steam Greenlight , which incidentally features the most videos I've ever seen on one Steam page. You'll find the newest below.

Tom Sykes

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