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Path of Exile's Season Two race schedule revealed, kicks off tomorrow

Path of Exile

Path of Exile's Race events are an interesting idea for the free-to-play ARPG. They're short-form transitory leagues - anything from a few minutes to a month, depending on the event - that require a fresh character and prioritise quick-fire levelling and high-placed class rankings. So either a fun bit of competitive monster mauling or a weaponised carpal tunnel generator, depending on your perspective. Either way, devs Grinding Gear have announced the second season of click-crazed races.

This time around, events have been spread more evenly to support different time zones. There will also be more races - 260 in total, ranging from twelve minute solos to a month-long party marathon.

Grinding Gear are also planning a new "signature event" - a 135 minute solo event that will run 45 times through the season. As well as the points you'll receive for winning an individual event, the top three players out of all the signature event winners will a special alternate art Demigod's Triumph - as will the top twenty players across the combined season.

Prizes will now be awarded across a larger scale - the lowest at 7 season points, and the highest at 1,000. Unique "spot prizes" will also be randomly awarded at the end of each race, drawn from the pool of players who scored points in that event.

Season Two is due to kick off tomorrow. You can see the full schedule here .

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