Path of Exile hits 250,000 daily users one month after launch

New Zealand-based developer Grinding Gear Games has reason to celebrate. Only a month after launch, its free-to-play, clicky-click action RPG Path of Exile enjoys more than 250,000 daily users, and over 4 million registered users. 1.5 million unique players logged in following the end of its open beta.

Grinding Gear has not revealed how much money the game's earning, but seeing as how its development was crowdfunded, and some of its players spend as much $5,000 on microtransactions , we can see why it's pleased with the most recent numbers.

The developer also used the opportunity to announce new Supporter Packs, which players can purchase to get Points (used for microtransactions), an extended digital soundtrack, hoodies and shirts, and a variety of ways to customize the appearance of their in-game character. Players can purchase the Survivor Pack for $50, the Warrior Pack for $120, the Champion Pack for $280, and the Conqueror Pack for $900.

I don't know who you are, player who spends $900 on Path of Exile, but I respect and fear you.

The recently released 1.0.2 patch also added several new items, vendor recipes, achievements, fine tuning of rapid-fire PvP tournaments, and various balancing and bug fixes. If you want to go over the finer points of the patch go here , or watch this video .

If you want to delight in other people's misery, watch the embedded video of Path of Exile players losing hundreds of hours' worth of effort to permadeaths in the game's hardcore mode.