Path of Exile achieves 3.7 million sign-ups, details first patch of 2014

Clearly in a reflective mood, Grinding Gear Games have revealed some new statistics on the popularity of free-to-play ARPG Path of Exile. Officially released this October, after an open beta that began at the start of 2013, their numbers state that over 3.7 million have signed up to play the game. Given the click-heavy nature of the genre, it looks as if 2014 is going to be an extremely good year for the makers of heat packs.

In the community post , lead developer Chris Wilson boasts of the 87 patches released for the game over the last year, as well as the over 1,000 race events that took place. In addition to the impressive number of registered players, Wilson also revels that they hit a concurrent a peak of "almost 70,000"; a figure GGG expect to beat as the game is localised for more countries this year.

Path of Exile's first patch for 2014 will be 1.0.5, and is due to release on January 9th. Here's what's planned for that update:

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