Paragon adds Weekly Quests and Victory Chests

Prior to the latest update to Epic's MOBA Paragon, players would earn a bonus reward for their first victory of the day, which is a very generous system except for those days when victory just isn't in the cards. To help ensure that less-than-lucky players don't feel like they're being left behind, the game now offers “Victory Chests” instead.   

For each day that you log into the game, you'll be awarded a Victory Chest, and with each win, you can unlock a single chest in your inventory. Up to three chests can be banked at a time, so even if you fail to secure a victory on any given day, you won't necessarily lose out on the prize. 

“The idea here is to improve the experience for those days you can only play a match or two but happen to lose. Sure, you didn’t get to open that day’s chest, but you still have it banked,” Epic explained. “The next day that you log in, you’ll have a second chest in your inventory. Maybe that day you bring your A-game and win two matches. You’ll open both chests, get both rewards, and be caught up with your progression!” 

Also added in the update is a new Weekly Quest system that assigns four random objectives, “tailored to a range of different playstyles and hero classes.” Completing one of the four objectives will earn the weekly reward, which will be one of the previously-released weekly card packs, while finishing any of the remaining goals will get you “a random card of a given affinity.” And if you're unable to complete the quest before the week expires, you'll have the option of either continuing to pursue it, or dropping it and moving on to the new quest. 

“We’re aware that introducing quests runs a risk that players may try to chase these objectives at the expense of the match. To help mitigate this, you can only make progress in quests during victories,” Epic wrote. “Even so, please keep an eye out for any unwanted or aberrant behavior. We’re actively monitoring quests and intend to tweak them as necessary so as not to interfere with the game.” 

The update also touches on some of the new rewards being offered to players, and acknowledges the existence of Banners, which haven't been officially announced but were dug up by “internet sleuths,” who found references to them in recent builds. “Banners offer a wealth of cool ways to customize and show off your accomplishments to your teammates and enemies,” Epic wrote. “Also, they’re much cooler than a bunch of cloth flags.” 

To find out more about what Epic has planned for the future of Paragon, don't miss our report on "how Paragon was broken, and how they're fixing it."

Andy Chalk

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