Paradox: "SteamOS is a great thing for PC gaming," confirms CK2 and EU4 will run natively

Paradox Interactive has weighed in on the recent announcement of SteamOS , and with a very positive attitude. CEO Fredrik Wester called it a "great thing for PC gaming," and confirmed that the publisher fully intends to support it going forward. Titles like Crusader Kings 2 and Europa Universalis IV , which already have working Linux versions, will run natively on the new OS.

"We have been developing for SteamOS for quite a while as it's basically the same as the Linux version Steam runs," Johan Andersson, Studio Manager of Paradox Development Studio (one of Paradox's internal dev teams), confirmed. "CK2 & EU4 should run on it natively, as it runs on Linux on Steam, and all our future games will as well. We think SteamOS is great for gamers, as it will give far better performance on the same hardware than Windows does."

While the publishing side of Paradox hasn't committed to the same universal support at this point, Wester expressed that the roster of Paradox-published games that run on SteamOS will continue to grow.

"We are actively expanding the number of published games on SteamOS—and as Johan mentioned, [Paradox Development Studio] is fully supporting SteamOS already," he said. "SteamOS is a great thing for PC gaming; competition means more choices which, in the end, should favor gamers."