Paradox has announced another Crusader Kings 2 expansion

Horse Lord

Woe to all you European Kings and Queens, stuck faffing about with Crusades and casus belli and trying to get your idiot brother assassinated. Turns out, it could be all in vain. The Horse Lords are coming.

Yes, Paradox has announced yet another expansion for Crusader Kings 2. This one is all about the nomadic tribes of the Eurasian Steppes, and specifically the time they all united under a single Khan and pretty much rolled through the entirety of two continents.

Here's the feature list:

  • Nomadic rule: Distinct from the tribal governments already in game, nomads need lots of space and resist the trappings of settlement
  • Clan politics: Rule a clan within a nomadic tribe, split clans that get too large, fight for dominance, and proclaim feuds and blood oaths
  • Muster Hordes: Raise vast armies of horsemen and archers, mobilizing your entire population to ride forth and conquer
  • Silk Road: This rich trade network can bring great wealth to whomever controls the cities along the route – but it’s especially ripe for pillaging.
  • Larger Map: The Central Asian plains have been expanded
  • Tributaries: New diplomatic relationship for nomad states forces defeated enemies to keep the Khan’s coffers filled.
  • Forts: build temporary fortifications to hold a province under your sway for just long enough for you to finish the war.

At this point, Crusader Kings 2 has an almost comical amount of DLC. Still, this is a fascinating part of the world at a fascinating point in time.

Horse Lords is due out "very soon".

Phil Savage

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