Overwatch's unlockable 'Highlight Intros' are ridiculously good looking


In case you've been sleeping in a cartoon bomb shelter, as of today the Overwatch beta is very much back, baby. Game director Jeff Kaplan has already told us about the team-based shooter's new player progression system and cosmetic loot unlocks. But you might also like to see some of the new 'Highlight Intros' in action. Senior animator David Gordon explained how these glitzy routines work...

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Sounds like you'll have to grind a little to get your hands on them, but it's good to see Overwatch sticking to its guns in terms of items offering additional customisation rather than power boosts. We'll have much more on the beta once we've got accustomed to the changes. Meanwhile, check out our gallery of all the legendary skins you can unlock for the characters.

Tim Clark

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