Overwatch Loot Box pricing revealed

Overwatch is live and Blizzard has revealed the prices for Loot Boxes—random assortments of skins, stencils and hero icons.

  • 2 Loot Boxes: $1.99/£1.59
  • 5 Loot Boxes: $4.99/£3.99
  • 11 Loot Boxes: $9.99/£7.99
  • 24 Loot Boxes: $19.99/£15.99
  • 50 Loot Boxes: $39.99/£31.99

Inoffensive as microtransactions go, I reckon. You can earn loot boxes just by stabbing, shooting and healing fellow players, and it's hard to imagine a snazzy loot box stencil giving anyone the edge in battle. I played for about 45 minutes this morning and earned two, which is a good hourly rate by all accounts.

If you're a sucker for haute couture, you can get your loot boxes direct from the Battle.net shop. Don't forget to update your graphics drivers too.